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Status: Under Review
Is there a way to create batches of labels on the mobile app vs. creating one by one? It would be convenient if we can ship orders in batches off our mobile app.
First-timer (legacy)
Hello, I have similar issue, I would like to use my phone to quickly process all my pending orders, print labels, etc. I have a wireless printer that doesnt have a computer near by, so to do bulk processing will tremendously help me.
First-timer (legacy)
When we are traveling, its hard to send orders to the warehouse as we need to send 2-10 sometimes in the afternoons. and it menial to do one at a time as sometimes the connection goes bad and we end up having to count labels and check names to cross reference. It would be super easy to hit print and they either all come out or dont!
First-timer (legacy)
'@ShipStation; yes! This would be great! To be able to create a batch of orders and be able to print, we have multiple selling channels and printing 1 by 1 is not time-saving at all. Example today - I handle printing orders every morning, to my surprise my computer crashed and thought the mobile app would be helpful in this case, but it's not.
First-timer (legacy)
It would be great to be able to batch print from the app to a ShipStation connect printer
First-timer (legacy)
I would also really like to see this feature added where I can print multiple labels at a time from the mobile app. If I am out and about or waiting at an appointment I use the app to catch up on orders and shipping. Going into each order to print the label is annoying and repetitive. I wish I could just select the orders I need labels for (providing the carrier/weight etc has been entered) and print them all at once. I do love the Ship Connect feature so I can hit print on my phone and I come home to my DYMO Labels printed out and waiting for me.
First-timer (legacy)
I need the mobile app as a back up. My mac hard drive crashed and I’m using SS mobile. It’s not making life any easier if I have to create one label at a time. I have to email each label, open and print them separately because there is no batch option. This is a nightmare and should have a solution.
First-timer (legacy)
How could this not be a feature? We seriously have to create labels one by one from a mobile phone??? It's easier to skip the app altogether and Teamviewer into the computer to do it.
First-timer (legacy)
Any updates on this? I would like to be able to have the person I have picking orders take a phone and use the scan to verify feature to pull all the products they need. Then, once all their orders are verified, I would like if they could go on the phone and bulk print all the orders they got done. Generally, we have 200+ orders a day (700+ in the busy season), so going through each order individually is not an option.
First-timer (legacy)
Agreed - Quickship on mobile is a must -- I currently print between 5 and 10 labels a day, frequently from the mobile app to a dedicated Shipstation Connect server, and when I do it from the mobile app, each label takes 8 taps to print and get back to the orders list, not including clearing the printed labels out of the queue. Please bring Quickship to the mobile app!
First-timer (legacy)
Even if I can't CREATE batches on mobile, I need to be able to see which orders have been assigned to batches! We currently work with desktops, but would like to send picklists into the warehouse with employees. Creating a batch on the desk top and assigning it to an employee with a tablet would be ideal. Also, picklists should be available as a checklist on a tablet (not just a PDF)! An employee collecting items for a batch should be able to check a box to indicate the item has been collected. We're using tons of paper printing picklists, and employees need to juggle the list and a pen to cross off items as they gather them.