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Status: Under Review
Our site allows customers to request an RMA. When we approve an RMA request, I want to automatically create the return label and email it to the customer via the API.
New Contributor

Guys... have you still not implemented this?  It is a requirement for us to be able to integrate with ShipStation.  Please just ship this feature already (pun intended).  @Moderator-Davis 

Hey there @zaymillz


Currently, this is still the case. However, I know that many users have utilized an alternate workflow and still used the /shipments/createlabel endpoint and reversed the ship to and ship from information to create that label. 


I know this isn't precisely what you were looking for, but I'm hoping it can help in the meantime 🙂 


Happy shipping! 

New Contributor

That should work.. thanks for the idea!!!

Happy to be of service! 🙂 

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I can't belive this thread starts in 2016 and it's now 2023 and they didn't create this feature.


Explain what you mean by flipping it for the create - label thing 

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