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Update the customer on the status of their curb side order. When it's been picked, built, ready for pick-up, etc. Same workflow as shipped orders.
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Hi, Shopify recently introduced the pickup option at its platform so customers can place pickup order online and go to a physical location to pick up the item. The pickup order from Shopify will be imported to Shipstation but Shipstation does not make any signs to distinguish the pickup orders with normal orders. As a result, the pickup might be shipped out while it should not be. We will have to check the shopify order at Shopify to know if the order is for pick up or not. We hope Shipstation could add a tag or sign to the Shopify pickup order so we wouldn't ship out pickup orders accidently. Thanks
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Shopify has enabled Curbside pickup as an option. When I get orders I accidentally pack them and label them. It is hard to identify such orders at the moment. A flag would be very useful.
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Currently, when a customer purchases an order in Shopify and selects "pickup" as the delivery method, there is no good way to fulfill that order from Shipstation. In Shopify order admin, when you select that a pickup order has been prepared, the customer receives an email stating "Your order is ready for pickup". However, in Shipstation, if you manually mark the order as fulfilled, using Other Actions-->Mark as shipped, and you uncheck the "notify customer" box, the customer still receives an email from Shopify (not Shipstation), stating that their shipment is on the way (see attached screenshot, this was an order manually marked as shipped with notify customer unchecked). This is because when Shipstation notifies Shopify that an order has been fulfilled, there is no way for Shopify to know whether it was shipped or prepared for pickup. So by default, Shopify notifies the customer that the order has shipped. Naturally, this is very confusing to the customer, who now thinks that their order has been shipped out when they wanted to pick it up. Shipstation needs to coordinate with Shopify in order to facilitate a better API interaction with regards to pickup order fulfillment. As of right now, my only option is to fulfill pickup orders from w/in Shopify, and then move to Shipstation to fulfill the orders that are being shipped.
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This should be merged with: to combine votes or whatever is needed to get this on radar
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First-timer (legacy)
Curbside pickup option and setting in ShipStation. We are offering curbside pickup on our website but are not able to see it on our portal. There was an article that was posted by SS called "The Global Pulse" that stated that "43% of consumers said they would be less likely to shop with brands that do not offer curbside pickup options indefinitely" Now SS does not offer any tools to back this up...
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Hello! Has there been any updates to the in-store pickup? We've recently shipped a few orders that we're supposed to be pickup orders.