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The customer list is in dire need of an update. You can't manually add a customer to your list without an email address, which is crazy. One of the reason for a manual order is that you may not have an email address.

Also, you can't manually edit the Customer info afterwards.

This is a pretty basic feature and I guess I just expected it would be there.

Status changed to: New
Occasional Contributor

So here is another issue that Shipstation just will not fix. Several years later and we still can NOT edit customer address or email address.  Such basic capabilities that are missing with no response from Shipstation or WHY it is the way it is.  Future shipments to a customer will try to use the OLD and INCORRECT address/email again.

At least give the user the ability to either delete a customer record or mark it as "Do not use in future" so it won't get used again mistakenly.