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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
Ability to further customize what each user sees in ShipStation (Shipped, Cancelled tabs on the left side of page) When we have people join our shipping team, I know that ShipStation can be a bit overwhelming. So the simpler and more straightforward the layout, the easy it is to train people. What it accomplishes: Easy way to train new employees.
New Contributor
This is the most basic privacy feature is to block internal users from the ability to get all your customer's orders, shipments, and data in 1 click. I am shocked this does not exist yet. starting to look for a shipping solution that cares about their customer's data and privacy.
It would greatly benefit us if we could control with permissions which users have the ability to change order status. For example, our shippers need access to do everything to a normal order to create labels, but we do not want them changing orders from ON HOLD to AWAITING SHIPMENT! Why? We can't ship certain items to certain countries and have automation rules and filters to place for these types of orders to automatically place them in ON HOLD. We have Managers who review these orders every day to determine if they are okay to ship or not, but only they should be the ones who can change them.
Status changed to: Investigating