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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
Ability to further customize what each user sees in ShipStation (Shipped, Cancelled tabs on the left side of page) When we have people join our shipping team, I know that ShipStation can be a bit overwhelming. So the simpler and more straightforward the layout, the easy it is to train people. What it accomplishes: Easy way to train new employees.
Absolute must, utterly basic baseline functionality to be able to restrict the creation of new orders by user - or even better, by user role.
First-timer (legacy)
We would like to be able to restrict a user from reprinting a shipping label. We have seen a few instances where a user reprints a label for a package that has already shipped and affixes it to a completely different package. It would be great if it allowed for an override from management, otherwise management would login and reprint in the event a reprint is needed.
First-timer (legacy)
Thank you for your feedback! We don't currently have a way to restrict a user to specific orders based on order status, but we are currently looking at several requests around user management and user permissions/restrictions and this request also falls under that larger umbrella. As such, we are also going to merge this idea with a very similar one, so we can keep track of the ideas and all the comments about it in one place. We do want to offer a potential work around for you in the meantime that, while not achieving exactly what you are requesting, may help you get a bit closer. You might consider using a combination of assigning orders to users (either manually or using automation rules), setting that user to only have "Shipping" permissions, and also restricting that user to see only orders assigned to them and shipments created by them (see attached images). To learn how to assign orders to users, review this article:
Occasional Contributor
I know that currently you can restrict users to only view inventory data, but I'd like to be able to also restrict which warehouses they have access to, or even restrict by product category. We are a third party fulfillment center and we want to be able to allow our partner's to log in but not see other company's inventory levels or data. I hope this is possible! Thank you.
First-timer (legacy)
Need an option to make Scan to Verify mandatory.
New Contributor
Completely confused why the ability to add/modify package sizes is lumped in with "configuration" permission which also lets a user modify shipping couriers, warehouses, marketplace stores and other broader configurations. So the shipping department in order to be able to modify standard box sizes also has to have access to effectively configure all these other things? That doesn't make sense. Either just let anyone with "shipping" permission update package sizes - since they - ship stuff. Or it should be separated out. Thanks
First-timer (legacy)
I have different users under my account that use different printers (some thermal some regular printers). It would be nice to be able to give them permission to change only the label format. I don't want to give them permissions to change other settings on my account
First-timer (legacy)
Sometimes our packers accidentally create a batch and accidently "ship" a large amount of orders. If we could disable the ability to create batches on a user level it would be of great help
First-timer (legacy)
Thank you for your feedback! You can actually accomplish this now by creating an automation rule that assigns orders to that user based on the selling channel the order imports from. Then, set the restriction on that user so they can only see orders assigned to them. See the attached image for what that rule would look like. Review our help articles if you need to learn how to create automation rules or set user restrictions: Automation Rules: User permissions and restrictions:
First-timer (legacy)
We would like to have a user account setting with read only rights. We have employees who do not work in logistic but are always needing tracking details so we would like them to be able to view records but not edit or create them.