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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
Love the branded returns page, however we'd like to have the option to customize more to our liking. 1. Allow us to modify and change reasons for return 2. When reason of return is "Other" have a notes field for customer to enter details of return 3. Ability to disable certain products from being allowed to be returned
First-timer (legacy)
Googled to locate this page because I wanted to edit return reason. I see that has been address at length. Hopefully that is completed soon. I have an idea for a work around that may help to be able to supply the cheapest way to ship an item or multiple items back or just offer multiple carriers. Currently we have the option to select only 1 shipping service and 1 package type. We offer many lightweight items which can be shipped postal first class. If I set my settings at 1st class for everything then any return over 1 pound cannot be processed through the system as it is set up. If we could create Return Rules we may be able to address this situation. Example is Rule 1 instructs system to use USPS 1st Class for all returns with total weight below 1 pound. Rule 2 instructs system that if the return total weight is 1 pound to 2 pounds then use USPS Priority Package. Rule 3 instructs system that if total return weight is over 2 pounds then use UPS ground. You can see my train of thought here. I am not a tech guy but I understand how to set up rules. I know you guys are continuing to develop this and we are looking forward to a much improved system in hopefully a short period of time. But nice job so far.
First-timer (legacy)
I really need to customize the return reasons. The default reasons are not suitable in any way to my apparel business. I see these requests for customized returns have been asked repeatedly for a year and a half. Please implement!!
First-timer (legacy)
The branded returns portal has been really helpful, but we have one issue regarding exchanges. The customer is able to select exchange as the reason for their return, but there is nowhere for them to tell us what size they need to exchange for, so we still have to engage in another email exchange to figure out what they need. We have in the return details that they should include the size they need in a note with their return, but no everyone reads the directions and does that. If they could give us the size within the returns portal it would be much more efficient. Thanks!
First-timer (legacy)
100% agree. The "returns reasons" are very lacking. No "too big" "too small" for our business is really hampering us. Should be allowed to select custom reasons.
First-timer (legacy)
After customers pull up the returns portal, they get to choose their return reason. However, if they choose exchange there isn't an option for them to choose what items they are wanting to exchange it for. Adding this feature would not only make the exchange process faster for both the customer and company, but it would greatly help with inventory so the company does not have to keep track of it.
First-timer (legacy)
This is something that is highly needed. We use Shipstation for mostly asset management. As such we are not selling to customers, but controlling a flow of equipment. Having custom reasons would be a big help in sorting the returned equipment.
First-timer (legacy)
Echoing "shopthedocks" that we need to be able to offer both USPS First Class and Priority based on weights. We can absolutely create automation rules for this if the option was available.
First-timer (legacy)
Currently when a customer returns their item, they have a dropdown to select the reason for the return. "Exchange" is an option. However, there is no other product exchange info the customer can fill out. It would be great if they could select the new product, color, SKU #, and size they prefer in exchange. Maybe an "additional details" section as well. Then we can go full automated and do not have to include a paper form inside the original package asking the customer what they want in exchange for their return. It would make the whole returns process much more seamless and save time and paper.
First-timer (legacy)
Ability to edit Return Reasons, and auto reply with terms of refunds on select products (i.e. "final sale" or "store credit only" styles) would help streamline the process, reporting, and assist in business/planning. Thank you.
First-timer (legacy)
Agreed. It is disappointing to see how many votes this has and how long this has been open without any indication of being put on the roadmap. It seems that it should be obvious that "missing parts" for a retailer selling candy or t-shirts, etc. is at best silly and at worst confusing for the customer. If the return reasons cannot be customized, then there should at least be an option to hide them and we could handle the return reasoning as part of the return flow on our site before the customer is directed to the ShipStation returns page.