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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
Love the branded returns page, however we'd like to have the option to customize more to our liking. 1. Allow us to modify and change reasons for return 2. When reason of return is "Other" have a notes field for customer to enter details of return 3. Ability to disable certain products from being allowed to be returned
First-timer (legacy)
Being unable to edit these options (not having a 'wrong size' selection) makes tracking RMA almost impossible for our clothing brand! It also creates SO much extra work on the back end! Every item returned due to incorrect sizing requires unneeded communication with the customer in order to serve them properly ! Pretty please ?
Occasional Contributor
This would be extremely helpful. I agree that the reasons provided are not very relevant.
First-timer (legacy)
Shipstation, Many of these requests from your customers have been pending for two - three years now?! It's painfully clear that this entire module was NOT designed by an actual business owner. It is frustratingly incomplete. LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS!
First-timer (legacy)
Not all the options are relevant for our products either - would love to be able to customize them or reduce the number of options! Confuses the customer experience of the return process.
First-timer (legacy)
I would like to be able to use a BEST OPTION for shipping used for returns. I set default to First Class, but know that larger items are MORE expensive to ship that way. So I changed back to Priority, which will also be overkill. I do not know what type of packaging the customer will use, so that adds to the complexity. So, let the customer select the type of package and the type of shipping (if we can exclude some options).
First-timer (legacy)
Hi there, could we make an option to customize the return reasons in the branded return portal? Or at least the choice to remove some of the preset options that are there.
First-timer (legacy)
I am launching the Branded Returns Page, but wish I could eliminate a few of the Return Reason options from the drop down menu. Per my company's return policy, I would only like to accept returns in the event of "Changed Mind", "Damaged", or "Exchange". Some of these options are not relevant to my products ("Missing Parts"), too subjective to warrant a return according to our policy ("Arrived Too Late", or "Not as Described") or go counter to our business model ("Rental"). I can see how these options might be great for some businesses, but I'd much rather see ShipStation provide us the flexibility to pick which reasons we allow returns to be executed, that go along with our individual return policies.
Occasional Contributor
I've been avoiding the branded returns portal since launch because it's only about 50% functional for us, and as it appears, many other businesses. Having a catch all list of return reasons is nonsense; a text field would even be better. We would prefer to change these, like many others have mentioned. Some of these don't apply to our business model at all, others are solutions that we solve in ways that don't require a return, or shipping at all. The other part is the default shipping service. We ship everything from a set of 4 screws and washers via USPS First Class to actual surf boards. There is no way a single shipping service applies to all of these packages. Defaulting to the outgoing service would be a step in the right direction, but then we have an issue with anything that was shipped out via an express method. The best solution, for us, would be to show 2 or 3 services, and their associated prices, to the customer. A second option would be to simply show these services, and the cheapest option is used by default. Showing the price could be optional to the business.
Status changed to: Under Review

Is there still no update on this? It appears to be 4 years old and the same issues.

One additional feature, alongside the need to customise the return reasons (and post code, rather than zip code, for UK):

It would be useful to link to the courier's website so the customer can find the local drop-off shop. Currently it's not obvious for the customer where they need to drop off.