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Please add a feature or mapping that differentiates between SHIP TO and SOLD TO information on the packing slip.  We are a firearms manufacturer and we are required to ship firearms to licensed gun stores, not direct to our customers' homes.  So for our orders the SHIP TO information is the gun dealer, and the SOLD TO information is our customer.  Unfortunately we are currently unable to properly display the SOLD TO information on our packing slip.  This becomes an issue because the gun dealer recipient needs to know who our customer is to call and complete the transfer.  I can see this also being an issue for other businesses as well, e.g. in the case of gifts, etc.


Im currently having a similar issue as the OP. We drop ship merchandise to Canada and one reseller covers duties and taxes for his customers. Since the feature to change the "Sold to information" is not editable the carrier is instructed to collect from the individual in the "Ship to" field. We use Connex to import orders from QB Enterprise to Shipstation and attempted to "create a rule" within their software that would allow a change but the API fields for this section are not one that Connex can modify prior to importing Shipstation. Please add this feature otherwise we have no use of Shipstation for international shipments.

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We have the same situation with shipments to Canada as @BCRMike . "SOLD TO" needs to be different than "SHIP TO". How can we make that distinction in ShipStation?

In fact as a gifting company, nearly all of our orders have a distinction between these two fields. 

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Same issues still in effect it prevents us from shipping to canada because the freight an duties are paid by a 3rd party but the commercial invoice imports the ship to as the sold to.....

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@RobEdwards please hit thumbs up on SupplyChainShip post to bring attention to this.