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As an enterprise customer, we have 22 locations that receive orders from ShipStation. Orders are assigned by automation rules to the appropriate manual store.
When a user in ShipStation performs the EOD function to Close Shipments and print a carrier manifest, they are presented the option to close shipments for any location, with the default being "ALL SHIP FROM LOCATIONS ". This presents a significant issue, as it is too easy for users to mistakenly perform the EOD for the entire organization, rather than just their own store.

We would like users to only be presented with the EOD option for their own location.

If that is not possible, an acceptable temporary option would be to remove the "All Ship From Location" option, and remove a default option for the location you wish to close. That way, at least the user would need to actively select the wrong location by accident, rather than creating a large error by mistakenly clicking one button.