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We need to be able to edit or delete customers from the database without having to upload a csv file. Below are a couple examples for when this would be helpful. I'm sure others here will agree that some simple database management would be greatly appreciated. I recently had to correct a type-o in a customer record and the process is just unreasonable. Download an example .csv file, add ALL the customer information (not just what needs changing) upload the file, and finally make sure that the original profile was correctly overwritten. It should be as simple as hitting an edit button, changing what needs changed, and hitting save. I have two customers with the same name. Lets call them John Smith and Smith Electrical Corporation. I send a package to Smith Electrical about once a month. John Smith ordered once from our website over two years ago. Whenever I type "Smith" when making a new order, guess who comes up as the first result! There's no need for John to still be in the system, why can't I easily delete his record?
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★ ★ ★ HOW TO EDIT CUSTOMER DATA ★ ★ ★ I have noticed that this has been an issue for other ShipStation customers since at least 2016 and I also know that it is technically not a bug. But since the system replaced what I manually typed into ShipStation twice, as far as I am concerned, it is a "bug". At the very least, this should be made absolutely clear at some point during the process, so we all could have avoided this issue in the first place. I wasted a full day trying to resolve the issue on my end, so hopefully the following information will help someone out and save them some time. What I have learned: ★ Export Raw Customer Data even though it may not contain all customers: ★ Add customer records via CSV, using the email as the username: ★ Combine customer records on the 'All Customers' page after updating customer records via CSV because import seems to work unreliably. ★ Verify shipping addresses more than once, even when you are in a hurry!
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the need to be able to change a single customer's address without having to use csv files, UPS and the the others carries can do it immediately this is a fundamental and basic operation, please fix this issue. we cannot keep in mind which customers moved and keep changing their address manually!
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New user to ShipStation and this is not the first, second, or third time I've come across an issue then looked it up here in support to find it's been unresolved for years. My issue (so far) is customers mistype their email address so they don't receive shipment notifications. I can't simply correct their email address and resend notification. I've had two examples of this in the last week. One person typed and another Obviously, I just remove "ST" from the Gmail address and change "" to "" Unfortunately, it's nowhere near that easy or even possible. Do I really have to download example .CSV, manually re-input all customer info, correct the email address, import the .CSV and then combine customers? Please no...
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Hello all. Here's what I'm doing to work around. I've created a google form called "Shipstation Address Fix". The form requests all of the needed information: Name, email, address, order #, etc. Then, set up a Zap ( that triggers an order whenever a google sheet is updated. When the form is filled out, a shipstation order is created with the new customer information. I can then combine customer records to update the customer. Until SS gets this figured out, this is better than the other option. If you need any help setting it up, lmk.
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We have a customer who changed his email address. That's all we have to change. This should be a basic function. Please, Please, Please, Fix this.
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Has anyone found a viable solution? I've just created a new ticket with Shipstation but I expect no resolution after finding this post. It's 2021. We should be able to edit customer entries.
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I'm really tired of this negative situation, and SS seems to have no interest in changing it. I'm also REALLY annoyed that even after I consistently check "Keep Me Logged In", it logs me out after a few minutes. I use SS all day long, and have to repeatedly log back in again. Very frustrating. I am now looking at alternatives to SS....there is at least one similar one out there which I've found.
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First-timer (legacy)
This is absolutely critical. We've had multiple misships because we are unable to delete old customers
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Hey shipstation, we're not in the 90s anymore, why do we need to download a csv file then edit the info then re upload it it, this is extremely time consuming, not efficient by any means and simply a joke, a big company like yours can't add a simple edit like this!! ridiculous!!!! Our business is losing a lot due to this issue, if you keep ignoring this you leave us no choice but looking for any SMART alternative rather than your platform. SO PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP