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We use ChannelAdvisor. I would like to have the Amazon Ship By and Delivery By date shown in the order. This will help us to be able to chose the right shipping carrier and method to get the order to the customer in time. Right now, those two fields have no way to be mapped in ShipStation but ChannelAdvisor does provide those fields.
First-timer (legacy)
Same here ! This will help shop rate based on delivery by date. Please vote this idea !
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New Contributor

This would be extremely helpful in building out automation that will allow us to rate shop more effectively. The field in ChannelAdvisor is called "Must Deliver By" in our ChannelAdvisor order management page. The field is named DeliverByDateUtc in the ChannelAdvisor API. 


There is another idea related to this called Amazon Delivery By Date that will need a "Deliver By" field. The only difference with that idea is it idea calls for ShipStation to pull the date from Amazon directly instead of ChannelAdvisor. So, while different, these ideas should both share the same underlying "Deliver By" field. 


That said, once the "Amazon Delivery By Date" idea is completed (it's current status is "Investigating") this idea should be easy to complete by mapping the new "Deliver By" field to the DeliverByDateUtc property in the ChannelAdvisor orders API.