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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Completed
We want the FROM address set to our domain so that 'via' does not appear on gmail. We also want to include your spf/senderId records in our spf/senderId records, have the email signed with our DKIM key and have the links use our subdomain instead of Here's how this works on a few of the major ESPs: This will significantly improve deliverability and professional appearance. Best Regards, James Fredley VP of Marketing Technology FilterEasy
New Contributor
You guys HAVE to fix this. We're not far now from a world where incorrectly configured email deliverability is equal to zero email sending capability. Imagine offering shipstation with no ability to send out shipment status and tracking emails to your customer's customers. That's very close to what you have now without the ability to include your mail servers in our SPF records. Very, very low hanging fruit to fix this with a huge win. Put one devops person on this for one weekend and it's all good. Please get this done.
This is still an issue in December of 2018. After reviewing the DMARC failure reports, it appears that ShipStation is using the SendGrid system, so I've implemented their SPF & DKIM steps: Will see if this improves our deliverability issues with ShipStation emails without leaving our domain wide-open.
First-timer (legacy)
2019 checking in... and these now-standard email security practices are sorely needed in ShipStation and are overdue. We are relatively new customers to ShipStation and are otherwise satisfied, but I can only ignore the ShipStation failures in my DMARC reports for so long.
First-timer (legacy)
We also can't implement DMARC rejection due to shipstation emails not supporting SPF/DKIM. We've had customers complain these emails aren't delivered or go to spam. We're looking into alternatives for shipstation due to this issue--if a portion of our customers aren't notified of their shipments, that's pretty unacceptable to us. Honestly, the fact that this ticket has been open without any serious comment when this could be set up in an afternoon is pretty maddening. As someone said, this is SaaS 101, a basic thing that's expected, and its integration into sendgrid is widely documented, several people have shared the links for you!
First-timer (legacy)
Any updates on this? It's been 3 years and it's honestly ridiculous that this is not supported yet. It is really important to improve deliverability of our emails from ShipStation and maintain our professional appearance. Get this verification feature added ASAP, please!
First-timer (legacy)
'+1 for SPF/DKIM support... Email deliverability from shipstation is really rough at the moment...
First-timer (legacy)
We really need this feature. Do we have any type of status update? This was posted sooo long ago.
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My email was recently flagged as spam by google because of shipstation emails. This should be an absolute priority as I am thinking of moving to another platform that will support proper SPF/DKIM records.
First-timer (legacy)
You are sending thousands of emails an hour for all us merchants. These DMARC SPF rejected email do not bounce back to your server. So this is adding hundreds of extra phone calls and email from customers to merchants asking for tracking and delivery notices. We have not been interested in your competitors because Shipstation is so good, but this problem may make us rethink rejecting them flat out. This will be my first question to them. SO PLEASE FIX
First-timer (legacy)
I am also needing SPF support. I am definitely looking into other services for shipping at this point. The only option I have found for emails not to be marked as spoofed is to remove my email from the BCC / Delivery email box and that isn't a good solution. I would like these emails to come from my domain and also It helped to be BCC'd on these. This is pretty frustrating. C'mon Shipstation!