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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Completed
We want the FROM address set to our domain so that 'via' does not appear on gmail. We also want to include your spf/senderId records in our spf/senderId records, have the email signed with our DKIM key and have the links use our subdomain instead of Here's how this works on a few of the major ESPs: This will significantly improve deliverability and professional appearance. Best Regards, James Fredley VP of Marketing Technology FilterEasy
First-timer (legacy)
We would also very much appreciate having SPF/DKIM support. The lack of reliable email deliverability is a significant concern for us.
Hi there. I saw this thread a while back and implemented a solution. We noticed the emails for years were coming through (for many years), and so we added an entry in spf record: This entry immediately improved the deliverability of our email. After using it for a while now with less complaints and calls for tracking information etc, we figured we'd share with you.
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update? Having trouble with DMARC and shipstation....
First-timer (legacy)
Anyone switch over to another Shipping Software? We love Shipstation but emails send via Shipstation are being marked as spam by Google. Customers are frustrated when they don't know when their orders have shipped because they didn't receive an email. We can't keep working like this.
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Is there any update about this or any workaround? Email is a huge part of the customer experience and currently with Shipstation shipment notifications are falling short.
This really needs to be done, I can not believe we are still asking for this in 2020
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All our emails are landing in customer's spam, due to higher restrictions and spam prevention. Please consider this.
First-timer (legacy)
Stunning that this hasn't been implemented yet.
All Yahoo based email domains are giving us problems because of the lack of DKIM from outgoing mail from shipstation.. C'mon shipstation this issue was brought up 4 years ago and is getting worse every year!
No updates from Shipstation since 2017 on this issue. Its now 2020. I've given up on this and stopped allowing shipstation to "Send as" from my company in order to: A) Actually have mail arrive and not get tagged as spam B) Have my DMARK/DKIM monitoring tools not go nuts about someone else sending under my company's email without authorization.