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I am needing a custom export that includes Item SKU and Item Name. Not all of the fields on Order Awaiting Shipment screen are available for creating a custom export. 

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I believe that if you select Orders (from the top) then... | select your store | Other Actions | Export Orders... a modal window will pop up, then...
1. Select radio button 'Export order line items'
2. Under 'What format do you want exported?' click the button 'Create new Format'...then
3. Choose, 'Item-Name' and 'Item-SKU' and select those fields for export.
4. Give it a name (at the top) like 'product-2-fields', then...
5. Click 'Save export format'
6. Go back to the 'Export Orders', select 'Export order line items' and then choose your saved format called 'product-2-fields'
7. Click 'Export'
8. Bada Bing

If this doesn't help, you need to use the API and choose your favorite programming language to pull down orders; 
I use python for these kind of scripty tasks.