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Once in a while you'll get fraud orders to an address or just bad customers and need to flag their address to not ship. You can't flag their name since they use random name changers to the same address. We see this a lot with Columbia and US freight forwarders shipping there. We would just like to flag orders (probably a tag) that have matching addresses in a blacklist database. We have a red tag we manually mark them with when we see them, but they can be easily missed.


Hey there @ebay7


I definitely see why this would be a desirable automation! I'll move this over to our idea section so it gather votes! 

While we don't have a "blacklist" feature directly available, you could definitely apply that red tag you're using automatically by setting the criteria to look for those addresses you know are problematic. You could then copy that rule for each new blacklist worthy address to apply that tag. 


I know this may not be an ideal solution, but hopefully could help in the meantime!

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I will vote for this. I found this topic as I recently discovered shipping address that has been used to purchase multiple times using stolen credit card information. 

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Essential. I see patterns of fraud, where they try multiple cards with different names attempting to ship to the SAME address. This would be very helpful.


Hello @ebay7 @AcornRising, and @ChaiDirect


Thank you all for being a part of our community and for contributing to this conversation. So if you guys are looking for a way to flag or alert on these orders, automation rules might help you in the meantime. You can use the address line 1 and/or Address line 2 as your criteria. You  an assign an action of putting the order on hold, add a tag to the order, or to create an alert in your account, 


In the meantime please feel free to keep commenting and liking this post to show your interest for this feature. 


-Erin: Your Friendly Neighborhood ShipStation Community Manager 


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@Manager-Erin Thanks for the suggestions. I have attempted automation rules with action set to add tags for a few things in the past with no success. I have tried multiple sets of criteria but the orders are never tagged. 


I prefer a tag so I know when an order has met the criteria verse a automatic hold which I may not see because the order will move to the hold tab.


Is this feature available yet? Using the tags does not always work. 

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This would be a very useful feature. We have a free sample service and regularly get people who send many samples to other people as part of a prank or as part of a campaign of harrassment against one or more people.

We might only be one such company that they use but we want to be able to do our part to avoid upsetting people who didn't order our free samples.


strongly agree it. Shipstation should add alert feature to certain name, address, phone # if it match my previous bad buyer list.


Jesus christ pleeeeeeeeeease do this already