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It would be nice if there was a column to show if packing slips have been printed for open orders. That way when new orders come in, you know which ones need packing slips printed. It would help in my workflow at least. 


I know you can see if a packing slip has been printed on the shipments page, but that's only for orders that have already been shipped, as I would want it on the open orders page. 


This! Would love this for sure


This is definitely a MUST HAVE. Any update on when this will be available? It seems like a very basic function to add and honestly seems like a bit of an oversight that there isn’t a way to separate orders by their stage/status (ie: new, printed, packed, shipped). My staff has fo write down the last order printed on a post it note each time they print a batch of packing slips to avoid accidentally double picking an order. 

Please get back to us on whether or not this will be added soon or if we need to figure out a different option. Thank you. 

Hello there, 


You are absolutely correct that this information is currently found exclusively on the Shipments page. I definitely see why being able to see this info on the Orders page could also be beneficial. 


I am happy to move this idea to the proper Idea board so that it can be voted on by other users and reviewed by our Product Team! 🙂 


Please can this be added. Our current system has this and has stopped many duplicate orders in the busy period.

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This is so needed...  It should be fairly simple to display and filter by the "Printed Pack Slip" column.  This would help us tremendously.



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This feature also helps when shipstation connect fails to print. The is no error and the order's packing slip is marked as printed. Currently, there is no way to view the last batch of printed packing slips. The only option is to reprint all packing slips and manually find the duplicates. If this column was visible in the orders tab, you could sort by when the packing slip was printed and then attempt to only print those from the most recent batch.

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Does anyone currently have a workout around so the same order isn't being picked by two different people? 

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The only option i can see is the user has to tag with a tag that says being picked before they print the pick list/packing slip. 

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How has this not been implemented yet? People having been asking for this since 2012... Seems it would be pretty simple too given the functionality is already available on the Shipments page.


For me, and I suspect many others, this is a deal breaker for using ShipStation... baffled.



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A work around i have since found is to get the user to assign it to themselves before they print the pick list, this way you if you add the assignee column to the default screen, other user can see which orders are being picked via the name.