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It would be nice if there was a column to show if packing slips have been printed for open orders. That way when new orders come in, you know which ones need packing slips printed. It would help in my workflow at least. 


I know you can see if a packing slip has been printed on the shipments page, but that's only for orders that have already been shipped, as I would want it on the open orders page. 

Occasional Contributor

I am amazed that Shipstation hasn't implemented this. Especially, knowing that the "Packing Slip Printed" column already exist in the Shipment view (which is useless). It should be in the Orders tab view.

Until Shipstation decides to implement this feature, here's a workaround that has definitely helped us alleviate  the headaches surrounding the printing of duplicate packing slips.


1) Create a tag called "Packing Slip Printed" and choose a green color.
2) When a packing slip is printed, tag the order with this tag.

This way, at a glance, all users will know that orders with a green tag means the packing slip has been printed.

Not ideal because there is manual user intervention, but it does the job. At least until Shipstation does their job.

Hope this helps.  

Occasional Contributor

We could also really use this feature. Seems like a no-brainer and prevents us from having to use other manual ways of tracking this.


Is there any update on adding this feature this would save so much time.