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Status: New

There is already a feature that lets us automate package dimensions based on criteria set. 
We should be able to define MULTIPLE packages or at least pick from saved Multi-Package sets to automate this feature as well.

In our case, we ship using our own custom boxes and when big orders come in we have to separate big orders into smaller packages. 

It is a feature that has been requested here & here:




New Contributor

We are in need of the same Solution.


Furniture company here – also in need of this feature or something similar. The vast majority of our products ship in 4+ boxes which we have custom Package Sets created for, but needing to select them manually every time is incredibly time-intensive and not practical for our order volume. 


If Package Set automation is not possible for whatever reason, being able to Bulk Update for Package Sets would be the next best option. But again, only singular boxes are able to be chosen for the Bulk Update feature.

Please please add either Package Set automation (by product type) or the ability to choose Package Sets using the Bulk Update tool!


We ship tamales across the country and would love this too. It seems kind of silly that it is something that can be done manually but not automatically. You are even able to make the rule it just can not be implemented. This is pretty much a deal breaker for us if it can not be done. You guys seemed like a great way to scale our company and this would help a lot of other people as well.