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Hi ShipStation,


We are a furniture company and the vast majority of our products ship in multiple boxes. We have custom Package Sets created for each item, but we currently need to select the corresponding Package Set every time – doing this manually is incredibly time-intensive and not practical for our order volume.


I can think of two possible features that could solve this problem for us and likely many others:


1. Package Set automation – create a feature that automatically assigns an incoming SKU its corresponding package set.

2. Add Package Sets to the Bulk Update feature – only single packages are able to be selected at this time. Being able to select all relevant orders and assign them their Package Set simultaneously still has a manual component but is much better than the current process.


Please please add either Package Set automation (by SKU/product type) or the ability to choose Package Sets using the Bulk Update tool! Similar requests linked below – there's definitely a demand for this capability.