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On the new version, there is no way to have split order lines have different ship dates. For instance, we ship wreaths. One person may order 2 and have one ship to Florida and one ship to New Hampshire. Obviously you wouldn't want to send a wreath to Flordia in November because it would be dead before Christmas, but you want the one in New Hampshire to ship in the middle of November. In the old shipstation, we would slip the order and could hold them as we needed. I don't like having all of the shipments under "One" order. I think having it the way it was before with maybe a section on the right-hand that would display the customer's previous orders and any other open orders would be better, espically for companies like us that ship from multiple locations and keep track of orders based on the -1,-2,-3. . This piece along with the removal of the feature of adding -1,-2,-3 to orders is very challenging for us. We ship from 4 different locations, we really utilized that feature. 


One other thing that we are no longer able to do is add another label onto a previously shipped order. We would do this when we had to reship something, or if they added something else to their order. I wish there was a way to edit the products in the order and remove or add additional ones. 

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I'm also disappointed with some things with the new layout. I'll save that for my own post though.


As for the 2nd thing, you can still do this, you just have to click on the order # to open the order in the modal window. Then in the top right of that screen there is a button to create a new shipment.