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Status: New

New Layout has changed the standard user workflow.  

Previously, all data entry could be input by selecting the order from the main orders screen and then clicking 'create label.'


Once the Create Label option was selected from the main Orders screen, a pop-up window allowed the user to input:


Preferred Carrier

Package Dimensions



In the new layout, when an order is selected and the 'create label' option is clicked, the label is automatically created the the default set-up.  In many cases there is NO weight assigned to orders and the standard package size is a default that does not apply.  


This will:

Increase voided labels

Cause miscommunication with online shops that receive the first tracking number created

Potentially cause a seller that does not catch the problem to ship in an over-priced manner 

Risk a shipping carrier financial adjustment fee if the proper weight and package size were not created, creating a financial headache


I would request that the 'new' layout be modified to incorporate the above stated workflow from the old layout.