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Status: Under Review
Currently, when generating a return label, you can only generate a label for a single package. Many of our orders are sent as multiple packages. If a customer desires to return there entire order, there isn't an easy way to generate multi-package return labels for an existing shipment. We'd really love this functionality.
Occasional Contributor

Since 2013 and still not available???

multi box shipment to be returned. should have a return shipment button/option to do this quickly.

Multi box usually means many sku's,  creating 1 by 1 and clicking each sku individually is daunting.

seems simple enough, all shipment info is in SS. 

From Create Return button - Return shipment option, then select all or partial, create return, email or print


We are not using ShipStation because of this.  We are a rental business that will always have our goods returned.  This is the only piece of functionality missing and it's keeping us from using the product.  We are currently using UPS Worldship because it easily allows for the multi-package returns.  REALLY wish ShipStation would implement this with UPS so we can move to the platform