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First-timer (legacy)
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It would be incredibly helpful if ShipStation could import Harmonization codes from Shopify for international orders automatically. I was able to enter all the information manually, but it was time consuming, and could have easily been done automatically, given that the codes exist in Shopify, and ShipStation requires them.

I just realised that this was not a feature and am so surprised! 

At very least, this should be a search feature like Shopify has, but it makes so much more sense to scrape directly from the source... 


I'm struggling to believe, after all these years, that this feature wasn't implemented (even as an option) and that we didn't hear anything from developers about this issue. We are having to manually add each HS code every time a product is added or its title is modified on Shopify's end, even though we already have the info in Shopify.