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At this point in time, ShipStation auto-pulls in the full price of the items into the customs declaration as part of the Etsy & Shopify integration. This is great and saves a lot of time when fulfilling orders. However, it does not currently auto-pull in the *discounted price* when an item is purchased at a discount, so as a short-term solution we need to manually adjust them to accurately reflect the declared value for customs. It would be really helpful if the  *discounted price* were auto-pulled into the customs declaration rather than having to make manual adjustments.

Benefits of implementing this feature would be: 

-Makes the order fulfillment process more efficient for sellers, in turn, faster delivery times for buyers.

-Saves money and time for the buyer and seller. When the wrong item value (full price instead of discounted price) is auto-pulled into customs declarations, the buyer pays more than they should in taxes. Seller would then have to make time to connect with shipping carriers and confirm taxes paid, then arrange for refunds to the buyer. 

-Eliminates the chance for error when having to manually adjust prices in the customs declarations. Meaning time and money saved for buyer and seller.

We hope to see this feature implemented soon. Thank you, ShipStation!

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We are in need of this feature as well. It is very time consuming for our fulfillment team to manually adjust the declarations form and it is not an efficient work flow, especially when we have a long queue of orders to ship. Recently, our team missed manually adjusting the declarations and a customer was overcharged in taxes since she was charged for the full price of the items she purchased instead of the actual (discounted) price. 


Declarations forms should automatically reflect the price paid.