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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
Right now when an order hits someone's doorstep, they can get a delivery notification email. Only problem is this email often doesn't get sent by ShipStation until hours later. We ship chocolate, so it's important the customer knows it's been delivered so they can keep it from melting. I was excited when I saw the delivery notification email, but then found out it's almost always delayed by a number of hours. It seems like it would be a simple fix for the development team to allow these delivery emails to be triggered immediately or even within a 15-30 minute delay. Customers would appreciate getting an email sooner! In the meantime, we might need to use a third party service to handle better notifications including SMS. Overall I'm very pleased with ShipStation--lots of smart people working behind the scenes on this. Light years ahead of the other options out there.
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Well its's now 2021 and still no change. What's the point to have suggestions if noting is ever implemented? How hard can this really be to add additional emails to keep our customers informed?
Status changed to: Under Review