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I am a small shipper with maybe 60 orders a month, and I process each one individually.  The process for doing this requires many unnecessary steps.  I counted the steps needed to ship  one order and it was 33 steps.  Not all of them were in Shipstation but most were, or were things that Shipstation could do.

Here are just a few:

1) have a setting to remove the necessity to log in to Shipstation each time it is opened.  Most people work on secure computers and having to log in over and over is simply an annoyance.

2) have a setting to automatically keep the list of items sold up to date.  It takes a bunch of clicks to do this now, some of which take a few seconds to complete.  It should take zero clicks and zero time.

3) eliminate the need to refresh the list of items sold after updating it.  Why would the user ask for the list to be updated then not want to see it?

I wrote an article on my website about good user interface design.  Shipstation violates just about all my rules.  Here is the article: .