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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
Include all relevant data when downloading order info. Often times I need to contact the person who purchased the products and as it works now I would have to go back to the shopping cart to get that info slowing the process.
First-timer (legacy)
I ran across this thread while I was searching for how to get the full billing address from the API. I assumed it was a mapping issue, but it appears that even though the fields are included with the download (from the API) they are empty. I am writing a new program to process our orders, and I am trying to build fraud flagging into my invoicing system. Having both addresses to compare is crucial to that effort. Has there been any progress on being able to get both addresses into the API downloads?
As a long time customer of Shipstation, I'm personally insulted that this simple feature has gotten no light of day in almost 10 years. We are CONSTANTLY bombarded with credit card fraud with a billing address in one state and the shipping address at some freight forwarder location in Texas or Miami. We would catch 100% of this fraud simply by having the billing and shipping address show up in shipstation (and optionally on the packing list). There is no good reason why you can't make this happen and you will save your customer's thousands of dollars on fraud each year.
Status changed to: Under Review

This feature is critical for all e-commerce and drop ship customers and yet it seems as if Shipstation isn't interested in adding the billing address as a separate address within its system. It's not rocket science either as all e-commerce platforms already cater for both addresses...what's going on with Shipstation? 


I just realized this and will be canceling our subscription and looking elsewhere as we can't use Shipstation because of this one feature that's missing!

New Contributor

Can @Moderator-Davis  provide an update to this?  

Hey there @rocketcert

I don't have any updates currently, but I will certainly keep my eyes open for any new developments along this topic! 

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Over a decade later and still nothing. What is holding this up? 

New Contributor

I'll throw in more support for adding the billing address.  Would aid in fraud detection and almost certainly improve our workflow.