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Currently, when trying to use a "Ship From" location that's in another country the error 

The requested service is unavailable between the selected locations

I contacted support and they told me that this is because the Ship From location is in a different country than the country listed on my ShipStation account.  They also said that this could be a useful feature, and I should submit it here.

I am requesting that a new feature be added that allows "Ship From" locations in countries other than what's listed on the user's ShipStation account.

The reason we need this is because we have suppliers in other countries that fulfill orders for us, and they ship to our country (US), but we need the ability to create the label and send it to them.

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Just wanted to add to this......

We ship from the UK internationally, in some of these countries the need arises for a return, now, international returns are not permitted which led us to try and "engineer" a way to ship from another location.

  • As above, adding a "new" location in the US and sending to the UK just errors
  • We tried opening a US shipstation account (however as we have no US number we can't add funds as the account verification only seems to be via text) Also this seems rather financially impractical as returns are very low.

We did go through this with support however as support are based in the US randomly they see domestic shipping rates. I presume this is a rather complicated problem to fix as it would appear the postage kind of ignores your ship from location and uses you account creation location.

Possible interim solution

A service available for all ShipStation subscribers that allows a one-off purchase where the Ship from and to locations can just be specified, the customer selects the service and pays via card or Paypal. Just a simple interface that just allows you to buy stand-alone postage not linked in any way to your account.


I'm having a similar issue. I'm trying to create a UPS International shipping label for one of our suppliers in Spain to ship inventory to me, and while I can create a "Ship From" address in Spain, when I go to view "rates" I only get US domestic rates (Spain has 5-digit ZIP codes like the US, and somehow the system isn't registering that the Ship From country is different). I can't create the label because it won't serve any international shipping options. Anyone have any ideas?