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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
Is there a way to charge the customer for the return label so that we are not paying for every return label? This would especially be good if the customer is returning due to their own error or because they just changed their mind instead of us paying for every single return label?
First-timer (legacy)
Please consider modifying the return process to allow users to create a return without creating a shipping label. In our scenario, the customer pays for the return. We want to mark the item as returned in shipstation for reporting purposes, but not generate a return label for the customer.
New Contributor
Our policy is that the client pay for return shipping, unless there was an error on our part. This also is always the case for international returns, as another user mentioned. I sell on two different marketplaces, so it would be great to be able to track all of my returns in the same place - and to have the option to generate a label or not to generate a label depending on the reason for the return. Of course, this is helpful for processing returns in the day-to-day work, but it is also helpful for any business owner so that we can begin to see what are the most common reasons for returns - any return (whether the client pays the return shipping or not). --- Perhaps ShipStation could generate a report on this.... This would be an great upgrade to the returns feature! Thank you for considering!
First-timer (legacy)
Hi, This is a good idea. For example 95% of our returns customers paid for the shipping. The remaining 5% are defective return which we provided return labels for. Having a system to track all returns with shipping labels and no labels would be a great idea.
First-timer (legacy)
We would love to use Shpstation's returns feature but can not as it forces us to generate a label. This is perfect for the 5% of of our returns when we generate the label but almost 95% of our returns are customer paid. Please add the feature allowing us to create returns without a label.
Occasional Contributor
The branded returns portal looks great, but we don't cover the return shipping costs unless we made a mistake such as shipping a damaged item or the wrong item. With the currently implementation we're forced to provide a prepaid label. Please consider removing that restriction and just doing the RMA process and providing the return details to the customer but no prepaid label. As a bonus - certain return reasons, such as "Wrong item sent" could prompt for the customer to enter details, and then the prepaid label is not sent until a store admin approves the return. Thank You, Rich
First-timer (legacy)
We are seeing a greater need for this addition daily with our company. It would be amazing for us to track and issue RMA's without having to create labels with each. Not all returns meet the need of having a label created, this would give us the users the ability to make the choice if a label is needed to be created or not. Currently we have no choice but to create a return label with every RMA. Thank you for considering this feature being added. I think many other businesses are in the same boat.
First-timer (legacy)
I have to agree 100% with the rest of the folks commenting. We really need the ability to create an RMA without being forced to create a return shipping label. Majority of our returns are being paid for by our customers. Being forced to created a return label, makes this feature useless to us. We would really like to see an option to select a no return shipping label RMA. Please make this update ASAP.
New Contributor
First-timer (legacy)
I agree. We're having the same issue. I'd like to have a "manual" option that seller to make a decision that the order can be approved or not.
Occasional Contributor
I would really like this as well. Most of the time with an RMA, I'm not shipping my customer a prepaid label. They just need to send it back. Ideally, once this is received I'd like to be able to actually mark it as "received and approved" before re-shipping them their replacement. This would really help us out. Best, James