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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
Is there a way to charge the customer for the return label so that we are not paying for every return label? This would especially be good if the customer is returning due to their own error or because they just changed their mind instead of us paying for every single return label?
First-timer (legacy)
Quite clearly there is a MAJOR issue with this "feature" preventing most standard businesses from utilizing ShipStations' return portal. Unless a control is built in to allow store owners the option to ALLOW Prepaid postage, or optional pre-approved returns, then the portal is nothing more than a glorified label creation page. This should seriously be bumped up in the development queue. We all have returns, probably a tiny minority of us allow the customer to return ANYTHING, with prepaid shipping. Yet that's the default (only option)? Makes little sense for such a great product otherwise.
First-timer (legacy)
I'd use feature only if I can choose the carrier for the return and have the option to charge the customer for return shipping. I can see subtracting the return shipping from the total amount refunded (along with restocking fee, etc.) but in that case we need a very prominently placed disclosure of the return policy within this portal so those charges do not surprise the customer. Better still, the return shipping would automatically show up in the order history in our stores to make the subtraction almost automatic when the refund is issued.
New Contributor
Any update on this Shipstation? This should not be difficult to accomplish.
First-timer (legacy)
So any movement on this feature??
First-timer (legacy)
ADDING 3RD RETURN DESIGNATION - "CONTACT [SELLER] TO RETURN" Perhaps a holdover option that would GREATLY benefit a lot of sellers would adding a 3rd return option; free returns (default), not returnable and CONTACT SELLER TO RETURN. This 3rd new option (returnable via seller) would direct the customer to the seller who would then be able to coordinate a return outside of ShipStation. The message displayed next to products with this designation would read something like "Please contact us (link) to initiate return". Currently only having the option to offer 1.) Free or 2.) Zero returns is leaving a lot of sellers in a very awkward situation and I'm sure preventing a lot (like us) from using the feature. Right now, if we don't want to offer free returns on a product (i.e. a large product), our only option is to display "Not eligible for returns"....which is not true. It's just not eligible for FREE returns. I understand there's a Return Policy that can be edited but that's not easily found by the customer. Adding this 3rd designation would provide a much-needed band-aid until we're able to charge customers for return labels at some point in the future.
First-timer (legacy)
Gonna chime in here and say that this is a feature that we are very interested in as well. We want to use the branded returns portal but we don't offer free returns/exchanges. We'd rather utilize Shipstation than have to integrate another app like ReBound. Can we get an update on this request?
First-timer (legacy)
I would love this functionality. Depending on the reason for the return, and whether or not the item has been opened, we will either pay for the shipping or the customer will be expected to pay shipping (or at least a portion of it). Until this feature is implemented we are unable to use the Returns portal, which is very unfortunate because we have significant order volume and this would help our customer experience.
New Contributor
What "Chris Regan", suggested would be helpful. Here's another potential option too: A generic features that alerts customers to the return cost and that the return cost may be deducted from their refund. In Branded Return Portal Settings: 1) Add a checkbox "Show Customer Return Label Cost" 2) Add a text field "Label Cost Message" So, somewhere in the customer GUI, they see something like this: (1) Return Label Cost: $9.30. (2) With the exception of damage or fault on the part of [Business X], we may deduct the return label cost from your refund. If you have questions, please contact us"
As others have mentioned, the current return label is pretty much useless. We need a system to generate and approve RMA numbers. In some cases, we would like to provide a pre-paid shipping label. In other cases, the customer must pay for return shipping. This functionality would be a major improvement.
YES!!!!!! we need something that the customer is the one paying for the return label, the customer can still use our account to do so but instead they are they ones paying for it with their credit cards or pay pal the customer can still get our own rates as a feature as well