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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
Is there a way to charge the customer for the return label so that we are not paying for every return label? This would especially be good if the customer is returning due to their own error or because they just changed their mind instead of us paying for every single return label?
First-timer (legacy)
Any updates on return portal that has the customer pay for return shipping?
First-timer (legacy)
yes @michelle Bentley...the update is that Shipstation does not care. If they did they would have addressed this issue. They change what they want with no regard to a basic function like this. I mean, I get it if it is a complicated matter and they have to do XYZ to make it happen and blah blah blah, but even then, if that were the case they should reply here and just let us know.
First-timer (legacy)
This is important!
Status changed to: Investigating
New Contributor

I would love this feature to make customers pay for things that we couldn't control or are the customers fault. We still want to be able to pay for returns labels for customers that somehow got a damaged product or a wrong product or just if it's our fault. 

New Contributor

Just checking to see if any progress has been made on this. Looks like the last admin reply was in 2021. Thanks!