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Customers need the ability to view live shipping rates for heavy orders that are split into multiple boxes when checking out on my BigCommerce website. When the weight of an order exceeds the carrier's limit for one box (UPS is 150lbs), ShipStation cannot comprehend and says there is no rate available. If we can split an order into multiple boxes on the merchant side, this should be able to display this rate on the customer-facing end as well.


It would be great if an order weighs over the carrier's max, ShipStation provided a live rate that would factor in multiple boxes. For example if an order weights 170lbs, it would provide the rate for a 150lb box (for this example say it costs $100) and rollover the remainder to another box of 20lbs (say $50). The customer would be provided a rate of $150 at checkout.


I'm currently having to tell customers to contact me for a custom shipping quote if the order weighs over 150lbs which is causing my business to lose customers who abandon their carts at this stage of checkout.