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There are many tools that should be added to ShipStation, or at least their API so people like me who can program, can automate a lot more of their business processes.


List of tools that should be readily available.


1. Automatically combining orders through being given 2 or more order numbers and a parent order, just like the user interface is done, shouldn't be too difficult given that the tools that do this exact procedure are already made by ShipStation.


2. The ability to use the API to upload new products.


3. The ability to update inventory numbers


4. The ability to create labels together as a batch rather than individually.


5. The ability to print labels/packing slips.


Most of what I spend my late nights and early mornings doing, I should be able to automate with ShipStation. I'm tired of these ideas being suggested and a decade later the forum being label as "in consideration" this is the slowest moving company when it comes to things like this I've seen in a long time.

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Almost a year later and I dont see a way to update inventory via API is that accurate?