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Currently we are unable to do any manual update (add items, remove items, adjust quantities) of orders imported from selling channels like SquareSpace.  Suggestion to add a button that would "unsync" an order from a selling channel so that it may be edited.  Many selling channels like SquareSpace do not allow any editing of orders through their portal, so when someone asks to update their order, the only way to do it is to refund/charge them for the change, then manually write down what changed and hope you remember it when fulfilling the order.  Being able to adjust order items/quantities similar to how you can adjust imported addresses when they're incorrect would be a huge win.  ShipStation really makes it easy to replace selling channel workflows entirely, this would be the ultimate feature to never have to go to your selling channel again.

Just a small example to illustrate.

- customer buys Item A and B

- customer sends email "please cancel item B"

- I go into order in SquareSpace and refund the cost of item B, but item B cannot be removed from the order in SquareSpace (no ability to edit orders whatsoever there)

- I go to ShipStation, reduce weight/dimensions accordingly, print the packing slip and use a pen to cross out item B

If I could simply remove Item B in ShipStation and reprocess the automation rules to sort out the weight/dimensions, this would save a lot of trouble and would reduce the chance of a fulfillment error substantially.

I should note, that this "unsync" feature should only unsync the items and quantities, not the tie to the imported order in terms of fulfillment status and tracking information.

Thanks for the consideration!

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I'll echo this, or anything that would allow the edit of the items in an imported order. We constantly have customers that request changes to the items in their order. Changing the item in the selling channel does not seem to update the order within ShipStation. 

Not being able to handle those changes in ShipStation creates a nightmare for packing and shipping as all the packing slips are wrong.