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I have tried the ‘Create Another Shipment’ option in V3, however the problem is that it does not carry forward the item detail from the original shipment into the new shipment. Therefore at the end of the month when I reconcile the inventory, it does not show that we in fact shipped 2pc of whatever item it was, it only records the original item shipment. Please pass along my comments to the developers as this function is essential to our order processing, inventory management as well as our month end reporting.
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If anyone has a solution until then, please post it.
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This is a major issue.
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Ok, I found a workaround for now: in V3, enter the order you would want to Restore and click on "UNDO Marked As Shipped" in upper right corner. This will make it appear back in Orders Section and allow you to perform all functions you are missing right now.
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I had the restore button on v2 but because I tried the new layout which didn't have it, I reverted back to v2. And now it's gone. We use it here everyday and many times a day. Please put it back. Also the batches format in the new layout is completely different from the previous. I couldn't print the batches from it.
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The V3 layout does not include the ability to restore shipped orders. I use this function many times a day to reship a damaged or defective order. Please let the developers know that this button is sorely missed. I will be using V2 for as long as it is still available due to this massive inconvenience.
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I will never got to V3 because there is no way to restore an order. Which was used daily. Not only does this cause more work, but more human error as-well as a poor way to manage records for that customer showing what's going on and seeing the same order re-shipped due to this reason or that reason. Im was just so surprised its not there any more. Truly missed and again, will not go to V3
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After a year they still have not added a feature to restore orders. With all the problems recently we are seriously considering finding another company who is more willing to solve their software issues faster.
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As of this week we were able to upgrade to V3. We were getting the hang of it until this! We absolutely need to have the RESTORE function. Our company will be downgrading back to V2 only because of this option. If this isn't fixed by the time everyone is pushed to V3, ShipStation will lose a lot of customers. This thread is over a year old and it's not a new function. Just bring it back!

Yep! Absolutely agree with the others - this was an extremely useful and quick solution when a replacement order needed to be sent, creating a new order without any items is useless for fulfillment of Seller Fulfilled Amazon orders.

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I saw this post and after a confirmation, I am happy to confirm that we are working on bringing this feature back to ShipStation! While I don't have an ETA at this time, my product team has certainly been made aware of these requests and we are taking steps to provide this functionality once again.