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In the products tab of ShipStation, when you update a location on an individual SKU, there is a check box at the bottom that you can select to apply that new location to all orders that currently exist in ShipStation. If a location is updated and that check box is not selected, then the orders in “awaiting shipment” in SS will maintain the location that existed for that SKU when the order was first received in SS. If that check box is selected for that individual SKU, then all orders will reflect the new location.

This is GREAT! However, we fail to see a way to do this on a mass scale. If we move an entire product line from aisle 10 to aisle 20 and need to update the location for all 56 SKUs, we use a file import to update all locations at the same time.

Can ShipStation do one of the following? Either (1) have the product import routine  apply the new Warehouse Location value to any unshipped orders that already exist when the "Update product information if the products already exist" option is selected, (2) Add an import option that just has SKU and Warehouse Location and make updating the pick location for items on open orders a standard part of that "Location import" process, or (3) Rather than assigning the Warehouse Location to the SKUs in an order when the order arrives in ShipStation from the channel, have the lookup of the picking location occur as part of the pick list printing procedure.

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Anything to make updated warehouse locations apply to any outstanding orders would be incredibly useful. A button on the products tab that allows "Update product information for existing orders" would be great.