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Delivered - Add an order status of delivered. If you're already polling to get data on the carrier status to show the delivered icon in the UI, it shouldn't be hard to write a line to push it to the Shipstation order table in MySQL to have the status 'Delivered'. For integrations and api users, this would be super ideal. Plus add a webhook for this. Webhooks are extremely lacking, and then for the webhooks, a resource_url is not useful. Look at stripe and how they handle their webhooks. A lot could be learned from how they handle their webhooks, The current implementation is extremely inefficient for integrations.
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A Webhook for delivered will be extremely useful If you create a webhook do not just send a link to the data send the data object itself please 🐵
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Agreed. I don't know how any integration solution could even work when we can't know anything about our shipments other than if it had a label made for it or not.
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As a new customer to Shipstation, I'm surprised this webhook isn't available. We've already integrated the "Shipped" webhook but would love to be able to send customers a "Your package has been delivered" email through our system as well.
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Here's a similar request for delivery status through the API: Please upvote it as well if interested in this.
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Shipstation will now send out a text notification to customers when a package is out for delivery and when it is delivered. They obviously have this information both in the UI and now with notifications. The API docs literally saying that we need to check via each carrier API for delivery status is a little insane. Shipstation has this information on hand. Is there a non-apparent reason this is not accessible via the API or webhook?
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I posted requesting this basic feature as well. It's SUPER basic, and they have the data...I don't understand (at all) why this is not available.
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I was just contacting support about this recently and they redirect me here to post this idea. Then here I found out that a webhook for shipping status has been requested 3 years ago. I don't understand why can't they implement it in the years that passed by. I have high expectations for this platform but now I am becoming frustrated because my client trusted Shipstation and I cannot implement what they want. This is such a basic feature that needs to be implemented. Also, all webhooks responses have API links instead of the actual object/data itself. This really cuts performance and because Shipstation has an API limit this will add up to the limit. I do not see why they are doing this, just return with the actual data.