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Currently, when our fulfillment centers print labels, all orders then become shipments and a UPS status is generated as "label created".  The problem with this is that the order is not yet actually a shipment until the box is packed and the label is applied.

The fulfillment centers scan each order internally to know that each box has been packed, but there needs to be a way to feed that information back into Shipstation so that orders stay "orders" until the fulfillment center verifies the shipment.  Once this verification takes place, the order would then become a shipment and the first UPS status would be generated.  Shipstation would then be able to look in "orders" at the end of the day to see if there are any order number still pending, rather than waiting until the first carrier scan to know if orders haven't been shipped.  Most of us with large volumes aren't getting their boxes scanned at the pickup location, but at the first carrier sort.

I know this is possible when the labels are generated via 3rd party software/API connection into Shipstation, so the functionality should also exist if we are printing packing slips and labels directly from Shipstation.  It could be as simple as a CSV upload that the shipper provides from their scans of orders packed for the day.

I look forward to hearing your feedback on this.

Thank you.