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Status: Under Review

We are in need of a feature that imports and gives us the option to display the payment method on the packing slip.  I have ran an export to see what stores import the payment methods, and know I can set up automation rules to accommodate these.  The issue is that we aren't getting payment methods imported from Magento or eBay. 


We end up having to do a lot of work on the backend when dealing with initial sales and then returns on specific payment methods.  This would save a lot of time, and prevent a lot of mistakes.

Status changed to: New
Status changed to: Completed

Hello there! 


I have received an update from the team that we have re-added "payment method" as a criteria option for the new layout! 


Thanks for your patience while we rolled this out 🙂

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This did not solve the issue.  The issue isn't that Payment method wasn't an option on automation, it was that payment methods do not import into shipstation from eBay and Magento.

Status changed to: Under Review



Thank you for that clarification, my apologies. This was the wrong thread to update.


When I receive any updates about this importing information from eBay and/or Magento I will update back here directly! 

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Great!  Thank you