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Let's say I have an e-commerce site where I sell 1,000 greeting cards for $29.95.


When the order gets imported into ShipStation the price shows up as $29,950.

ShipStation is multiplying the price ($29.95) by the Quantity.


Fine. Instead of passing the per-thousand price to ShipStation (in my order details), I'll pass in the unit price. That way when ShipStation multiplies by 1,000 the correct price will show.


What's the unit price? It would be 29.95 divide by 1000 which is 0.02995


The problem is, it looks like ShipStation can't deal with that precision and so it rounds up my per piece price from 0.02995 to 0.03.  The result is: ShipStation now shows the price of that line item is $30 (instead of $29.95)


Please, either change the precision of the decimal per-piece price, or, allow me to set up this product in ShipStation and state that the price is 'per thousand' instead of the assumed 'per piece'. (I like this second option better)


One hack I can do on my end, is to change how it's set up on my e-commerce site. In other words instead of letting the customer order 1,000 they would instead order 1, with the "1" being explained to the customer that this means "one box of 1000, not one single greeting card". But I don't like that. It's messy, and confusing. On my site I want my customer to see that they are ordering 1,000.

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Hey there @rocinante


I absolutely hear you here about the rounding. You are exactly correct, ShipStation currently rounds to 2 decimals only. 


I do see what you're saying about the "per thousand" price option. I'll move this over to our ideas section so that it can be voted on and potentially implemented in the future as we move forward 🙂