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I print out a monthly .csv for my records and for tax purposes, including date, customer name, item number, etc. I only need a few; I'm a small business.  My customers pay retail rates; and I  am grateful for the reduced rates I enjoy through ShipStation, which help offset costs (labels, ink etc) - and allow me to not charge any "handling fees." 


Unfortunately a couple of the choices offered for my .csv are unclear - the absolute worst being "SHIPPING PAID" - by whom?????  I need my .csv to include my charges - what ShipStation billed me -- not what my customer paid.  i realize you need to be concise, but "Shipping Paid" is totally unclear - paid by the seller or paid by the customer!?  The only way I could find out was to use Live Chat (which is superb -- one of my main reasons for subscribing to SS), so I hope my choices are the way I need them, but if only it said "Shipping Paid By Customer" I would not have had to bother your rep and I could have made other use of my time. 


Please understand that brand new users may have no clue what is meant, even though it seems crystal clear to ShipStation.  Thank you.