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Is there a way to give us a choice of which program to use, when printing out a .csv (for example, a report of postage that I want to print monthly).  


I know I am not alone saying I detest Microsoft Excel (the current version).  What specifically happens is that instead of correct Tracking Numbers, Excel converts them to gobbledygood/abbreviations/code - whatever . Making NO sense whatever, and forcing me to go back in history if I want to find the tracking number of a particular package.  Your LIVE CHAT reps have confirmed this is what is going on, and nothing can be done about it, because of the way your system is set up.


Can you possibly change this so that when I go to print a downloaded .csv, I am offered a choice so I can pick a program from what I have in my own computer? Not the way it currently defaults into Excel (with no way for me to do anything else).  I have MS Works downloaded, and it is so much simpler and easier - !! but I'm helpless because even trying to copy the Excel .csv into MSWorks doesn't work -- i can't get rid of the Gobbledygook Excel makes out of tracking numbers. (P.S. lets me pick which program to use to download this .csv - if can do this- why can't ShipStation ????????)

Thank you for consideration.

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Hey there @timestreasures


Thanks for posting about this trouble in the community! 


I am happy to pass along the work around that i've used in the past. 


Check out this Knowledge Base article about how to adjust the number format in Excel so this behavior can be a thing of the past! 🙂 


I hope this helps!