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Currently, if multiple email addresses are entered on an order, ONLY the last address in the list receives notifications for shipment and delivery.

Multiple addresses CAN be entered as a comma separated list on a per-store basis, but it does NOT work on individual shipments.

Please add this feature, as it's often important to send notifications to multiple addresses on a given order - eg. customer's purchasing dept. + customer's shipping/receiving dept.


Hey there @SurWarehouse


You indeed can have multiple customer notifications on a per order basis. The same process of comma separated emails listed will work on individual shipments. If you are seeing email notifications sent out to the contrary, please reach out to our support team so that we can check into that order example and help you get those notifications sent out the way you'd like! 

Occasional Contributor

I did reach out to shipstation support - see the email below. They told me that shipstation does NOT support this feature. 

Email from shipstation support

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! 

I'll be sure to follow up with our support team so they are aware of our capabilities. 

If you check out the first tip in this "Notes about Customer Notification Emails" section, you will see that you can do this. I just tested this successfully on my personal test account as well. 

I hope this helps! Happy Shipping 🙂 

New Contributor

This is no longer true. ShipStation now shows as invalid if you add another email (even comma-separated) kris7_0-1693666013409.png



Can we get an update as to whether or not there is a way to make this feature work?

Occasional Contributor

Multiple emails in the email address field is not working for us either.  Reading the above post tells me maybe this used to work, but it doesn't now.  Does anyone have an update on this?




This is a really important feature ShipStation! Please bring it back.

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Hi, I'm going to go add this as a feature request.