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ShipStation had a bug that resulted in my receiving errors b/c of a delayed shipdate when I went to create my label. It kept giving me an error and asking me to update the shipdate. I would do this and would repeatedly get the error. What I didn't realize until it was too late was that I was getting charged for the label each time even though the error prevented me from actually printing it. So I got charged $51 6 times and still didn't get a label. 

In resolving this ShipStation will not refund the money to me. They will only put a credit in my Stamps account. 

So my NEW IDEA is to refund money that was charged due to errors in YOUR system. With a $300 balance in my account I am now held to shipping through you and I have spent $300 more than I intended to spend this year. 

This policy is unfair and bogus and a way of you generating false revenue. 

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