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I make a shipment today and try to schedule a pickup. The shipment is dated today, but the cutcuff to schedule a pickup is midnight last night. I can't schedule the pickup today because it's past the cutoff, and I can't schedule a pickup for tomorrow because the shipment is dated today. I should be able to schedule a pickup tomorrow for any pending shipment, even shipments that were dated earlier. This is also a problem if, say, your courier misses a scheduled pickup. In the current system it would never get picked up because you can't schedule a pickup for past shipments, only if the dates are exactly the same.
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Also, it is too hard to remember to set the ship date.  And once its messed up, if you cancel the shipment, then the customer is going to get a new email with a new tracking number and it will be confusing for them.  Very poor customer experience.

PLEASE make the Schedule Pickup button just work like it does on the UPS portal directly - if past the cutoff for the day, they will pickup the next day.   And if you say you have packages to pickup, they come, regardless where the labels came from or if you missed the previous day, or you entered the wrong ship date.