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There is a major flaw in the Returns portal for USPS, that when the weight of the return is 16oz or more, it does not automatically adjust from First Class to Priority Mail. Priority Mail is Required for all packages 16oz or more. 

Our product weights 9oz. If two or more are shipped they have to ship Priority; however we ship First Class when possible because it's significantly cheaper. Priority averages 2.5x the cost. 


Our Default for returns is USPS First Class, but when a customer tries to return 2 or more, it tells them they need to contact us and we need to manually create the label because ShipStation does not automatically convert it from First Class to Priority Mail. This is a very expensive flaw, as the current workaround is to ship all returns Priority. That's $8-12 per package instead of $4!! I know others are having this issue, and it's been in the ShipStation threads since 2017 and has not been fixed.


Is anyone else having this issue? With the ShipStation community moving, I'd like to gain some momentum behind this because this is a serious flaw and very costly!

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