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Status: Investigating
Sometimes our customers get confused when they receive one of multiple packages and open the package, there are not full items they ordered, because they only can see one tracking number and they don't expect more packages are coming. Sending or showing multiple package tracking numbers can help customers to know whats going on their orders and definitely reduce these concerns.
Status changed to: Investigating

I can't believe it's been four years and SS hasn't been able to add this feature yet. It's hamstringing us with several of the stores we ship with and forcing us to jump through hoops and create unnecessary manual processes. It seems like it would be so easy for SS to implement. We're spending money on additional labor and also paying for a program that's supposed to automate things like this. I'm begging you, SS, please implement this!


@shipstation please, please, please create a way for ALL tracking numbers to be shared with the customer, not just one. This seems so basic, and it is very much needed in a multiple package order.  Thanks!

New Contributor

Its so weird that ShipStation can generate labels with individual tracking numbers but only send the master Tracking Number notification


Is there a fix for this?