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First-timer (legacy)
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It would be great for ShipStation to send an email whenever the status of an open shipment changes to "Delivery Exception" or another undeliverable status. This would eliminate the need to manually check the delivery status or retroactively dealing with an upset customer contacting us because an order hasn't shown up. It would also allow the customer see immediately that there is an issue with shipment and perhaps troubleshoot it on his/her own. Our packages are also time sensitive so figuring out why a package can't be delivered as fast as possible would be helpful! This would be a HUGE time saver and great peace of mind for us and the customers, plus potentially save us some customer service headaches along the way.
First-timer (legacy)
Great idea, but I don't think SS is too keen on anything involving late shipment notifications or delivery exceptions. Every feedback involving it has always been scraped regardless of how many people voted for it, nonetheless once again i'm voting for the idea. Our deliveries are also time sensitive and we NEED to know when a package is lost or late, fingers crossed again that one day SS listens and we gain this MUCH needed feature.
First-timer (legacy)
FedEx sends me an email notification when there's an delivery exception (customer not home, package damaged, etc). It's a bit odd that this isn't an option from ShipStation.
First-timer (legacy)
Alert customers when packages are delayed due to Severe Weather or for any other reason the package might be delayed for delivery.
First-timer (legacy)
This should already be an option. We had this feature 10 years ago with another solution. Fedex notifications, and ups notifications are much more accurate than the ship station notifications. It's important that customer know their packages will be delivered and have been delivered.
First-timer (legacy)
The customer needs to have an email when the package was at least "attempted delivery" and "ready for pick up."
First-timer (legacy)
This seems like a no-brainer and has been requested several times - looking through feedback portal. You are already collecting this data via the Delivery Exceptions portal in the Shipment module. Just trigger an automated notification once the data point is added to the Delivery Exceptions list. If this is too much dev work... how about adding the ability to making deliver reports via email ona schedule. For example, have the "Delivery Exception Report" send every morning or EOB.
First-timer (legacy)
In addition, I'd love to see a notification if 2 or 3 days have passed since the label was printed and it has not shown up in the USPS tracking system - I've been seeing more and more trouble with trucks picking up my packages, then leaving them on the truck or somewhere for up to 10 days before finally scanning them into the system and moving them along.
First-timer (legacy)
YES! Please enable all the email notifications that FedEx provides! ...Including Delivery Exception AND Delivery Imminent (or is it called Expected Delivery? Anyway, it's in FedEx ShipManager. If it's there, shouldn't SS have it?) We competing with Amazon out here. Help us out, please! - Lee Harper Gourmet Foods USA Texas Lone Star Tamales (888) 825-4113 The Texas Steak Warehouse (888) 825-4162 Dry Ice Packs (888) 825-4112
First-timer (legacy)
It would be HUGE if we could simply have some type of "red flag" notification appear on our dashboard when a delivery exception occurs
First-timer (legacy)
I'm a little shocked this isn't a basic feature/functionality. ShipStation already has a queue for shipments that reach exception status, I just want(NEED) the ability to have this trigger an email notification to members of my team so they can investigate and get out in front of the problem.