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This is an issue for a Shopify store that has multiple locations:

When an order or split order is shipped the tracking number goes back to Shopify order page but the LOCATION from which the order shipped from is not relayed along with the tracking number.
This is a major issue for order confirmation going to the customer from Shopify. It is showing an incorrect ship from location.  The other issue is after the order is complete in Shopify for me it is sent down to my POS system through integrated Modern Retail. The ship from location is critical to have inventory reduced by location correctly.

Please fix this issue as soon as possible. 

New Contributor

Having the same exact issue. ShipStation says they turned this feature off in 2020, so any new stores or newly configured stores do not send the Location info to Shopify.


It basically makes ShipStation unusable for us, as we rely on that Shopify location to be updated to sync a receipt down to our POS in the correct location. Their only suggestion was to suggest it as a feature, but since they already got rid of it, I don't see them bringing it back. 


If they really want to handle big customers with more than one shipping location or store that ships orders, they absolutely need to restore this functionality. We're looking for other shipping apps to replace ShipStation because of this.


New Contributor

You should utilize SKUSavvy for this operation since it is fully connected with Shopify to retrieve locations, products, inventory, customers & orders. When you pick and fulfill within SKUSavvy you will leverage the same ShipStation style (using ShipEngine) but the order status and fulfillment locations are updated as well as inventory is updated in real-time with the fulfillment location attached. 


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Fulfillment module within SKUSavvy:



Visual Picking:

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